Businesses continue striving to achieve results... new results, better results, great results! We look at new programs, new processes, finding better leaders, strategic planning and more. Although these are all great ways and methods to achieve desired results, those results will only be as good as the leader’s ability to achieve.

John Maxwell, expert leader and author, quotes "the higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership. The greater impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be. Whatever you want to accomplish is restricted by your ability to lead others".

As I continue to engage in various leadership individual coaching engagements, it has become evident that a leader's ability to lead is greatly impacted by their level of Emotional Intelligence. Leaders become blind to the fact that they're leading by emotion vs. intellect. When emotions rise, intellect drops. And when leaders are not astute to how they're leading by their emotions, they simply don't know how to be different. "Being" a leader takes conscious practice, to avoid to the trap of being led by one's emotions.

Leaders over time also learn to lead by the leaders who taught them. So, it becomes a ripple effect. A poor leader who leads by the emotion of frustration, anger, resentment (typically to control another person's behavior), is teaching those they lead to do the same. Therefore, it appears to be an okay, effective way to lead. Until... those they lead stop following... and in today's business world, leadership styles that may have worked in the past are not, and will not be effective any longer. The world has changed, and will continue to do so. We could talk about generational differences, because it is part of this impact, but we'll stick to the topic at hand.

Many leaders would disagree that they're leading by any level of emotion. If they were to engage in a 360 feedback assessment, or get genuine feedback, many would learn differently. And they could learn why and how they're doing so, then learn how to shift to get different results.

Leaders get results... or not! Leaders get results by the degree to which they have the ability to influence others to follow. And when leaders really learn "how" to empower others, and create true engagement, not only do results begin to change... dynamics and environments begin to change. Increased productivity, loyalty and dependability are a few dynamics that shift.

KeyZones offers individual leadership coaching, in person and virtually. Our methods and tools have proven to be successful. Testimonies may be found on our website at Whether you're a business owner/leader seeking new results, or a new leader looking to grow and develop leadership abilities, then engaging with an executive coach from time-to-time is very beneficial. There are numerous great leadership coaches available... getting connected with a great coach will make a difference in your business! And for some, their personal life too!