Positive Affirmations are great! I learned many years ago to practice retraining my subconscious mind by use of positive affirmations. And as great as they are and can be, the one thing I later learned is... that until I feel it, and believe it, they're just simply words.

As I continue to work with various leaders who are seeking to heighten their abilities to create the results and workplace environment that will create satisfied associates, and in turn lessen turnover, I'm finding that shifting to a different mindset is critical for getting different results.

The negativity that the subconscious mind wants to latch onto when a leader has been berated, belittled or talked to harshly by their upper leader overwhelms their ability to stay in consciousness and manage one's emotions in the process. Oftentimes, the negative emotional responses are then taken to other associates to experience, and they don't even know what's happening. Thus... the cyclical effect of the negativity becomes a ripple effect spinning out of control. Then everyone scratches their head, and says "these young people have no work ethics these days", or "what's up with these millennials?", or "retention is out of control in today's businesses".

If every leader seriously began to look at what "they" cause, then and only then, will they begin to create new results to business operations, and thus increase associate retention in the process. Every business's success can only be as great as the leaders and associates achieving the results. However, the idea that investing in our human resources and relations still somehow sinks to the bottom of the budget. Because we can say this is needed, and the one thing I've discovered is that... many don't know how to shift, or the new mindset needed to shift... they're stuck.

So when we think of hanging those positive affirmations in the break room to impact our leaders to stronger character, greater emotional intelligence and an ability to lead those who follow... first ask yourself... "do I believe this?" and "am I living this"? Otherwise, they will simply be words on the wall.