Workforce Management Solutions continue to enhance to new levels by many providers... ADP, Paycor, Kronos, etc. As they solutions enhance, this allows employers to enhance their human resource practices and workflow inefficiencies. 

We often find that many employers who are purchasing the bundled HRIS along with their Payroll solution have not yet built those HRIS modules that can maximize HR practices and improve business results. What is your company's largest operating expense? Labor! Payroll! Medical Plans! The list goes on...

With enhancing the configuration and use of your HRIS, many HR practices can be improved. Including managing leaves of absences, workers' compensation claims and lost time cases, FMLA, ADA, and many others. All of these varying HR practices can lead to high dollar cases, and definitely can increase an employer's practice liability risk when not handled according to government regulations.

Additionally, electronic onboarding is on the rise... saving hours of orientation paperwork processing time and handling of documents. This eliminates the need to copy, print and compile repetitively; and the need to pass along to varying departments, i.e., payroll, IT, and store in a hard copy filing solution.

Oftentimes, once the workforce management solution provider configures your solution to your request, then it's up to you and your staff to configure these solutions further to improve and enhance HR practices and results.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 317.937.6453; or visit our website at and complete a request for information on our contact page. Results, along with fair and consistence HR practices improve retention, reduce employer practice liability risks and save thousands of company dollars!