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Our Clients Say It Best...

“Kim attended the Emerging Leaders course yesterday. She gave feedback that this was the best leadership course she has ever been through. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and it made a positive impact on her leadership through process. She also advised that Patricia was an excellent facilitator.”
— Kroger Leader
There are times in life where potential is unlocked and the course of one’s successes, happiness, and abilities in life are never the same. These moments are remembered as crucial turning points in life and become cornerstones to all future endeavors. Working through my personal leadership strengths and weaknesses with Patricia has not only unlocked tremendous amounts of potential I lacked the tools to tap before, by my self-awareness his been heightened to the point of knowing I’ll be a better leader at work, with my family, and in society from this point forward. The experience has been invaluable.
— Ryan Clark, Controller, Gannett NSSC
I’ve worked with Patricia for many years and she has proven repeatedly to approach every situation with integrity and a focus on a win/win solution. Her attention to detail and ability to create results is commendable. Working with Patricia has been and continues to be a pleasure, and I would recommend her highly.
— Sheri Alexander, Partner, Gregory & Appel Insurance
What a great experience I had working with Patricia Fields. I was in desperate need of direction to help me get on track with my Company and my leadership skills. My Company invested in me, and hired Patricia to provide me individual leadership coaching. At first I was devastated and didn’t know how this would help me. I met with Patricia frequently during a three-month period. We focused on areas that the assessment results provided me by my peers and associates. Patricia really helped me during this coaching, and I contribute my success to her and her Company. Patricia helped me to understand the need to change in today’s work force. I wouldn’t still be employed by my Company if Patricia hadn’t helped me in changing my leadership. Thank you Patricia and KeyZones!
— Kroger Leader