Virtual, onsite and classroom workshops and programs are available.

KeyZones offer more than 250 learning modules, and can customize to fit your specific business needs and learning objectives. Our learning workshops and programs provide CEUs for Health Facility Administrators, Human Resources Professionals and Physical Therapist.


Delegating for Shared Success

Delegating tasks and projects is a signature supervisory skills – the link between supervisor, the employee, and their shared success. Poor delegation hurts productivity by frustrating employees, in effect setting them up for failure. Thoughtful delegation focuses their capabilities and builds confidence, as well as respect for their supervisors. Supervisors who delegate efficiently gain time for other key aspects of their role, such as planning, removing performance barriers, and making process improvements. In this half-day workshop, participants learn how to prepare for delegating a task or project, conduct the conversation, and follow up to ensure that the employee succeeds.


The Hallmarks of Supervisory Success

Effective supervision is the heart of strong business results. Whether you’re a vice president or a first-line supervisor, you must grapple with strategy, strive for customer satisfaction, and deliver concrete results. Organizations often identify and promote competent individual contributors. With little or no preparation, these new supervisors learned by trial and error. Organizations now know that mastery of the fundamentals promotes the early success of new supervisors, as well as their direct reports. In this half-day workshop, participants explore and apply three Hallmarks of Supervisory Success to help them assume new responsibilities and improve their ability to supervise the work of others.


Shaping a Motivational Workplace

People want to use their abilities, connect with others, and guide their own efforts. Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, or life experiences, everyone shares three psychological needs. Forty years of research confirm the many benefits of helping people satisfy these needs, including improved job satisfaction, engagement, self-esteem, thinking ability, creativity, learning, trust, loyalty, dedication and performance. Leaders realize these benefits by creating conditions that support employees’ needs. In this half-day workshop, participants will learn how these psychological needs, the benefits of helping these get satisfied for employees, and create sustained performance and results.